Automatic milking made easy

Cow Coach supports dairy farmers in the use of sensor technology and milking robots for a better animal health, more sustainable management practices and a better return on investment.

Our goal: to promote efficiency and job satisfaction on your farm. 

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Personal guidance

Icoontje advies

Independent advice

We provide independent, evidence-based advice on robotic milking, sensor technologies and data-driven management. Our services are not linked to any particular products or brands.

Icoontje persoonlijke aanpak

Personal approach

Cow Coach is a young consultancy firm that aims to build long-lasting, personal connections with clients and partners. Flexibility and quality define our approach. Together, we look for workable solutions.

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Our advisory service operates according to the PDCA principle (“Plan-Do-Check-Act”). First, we define our goals and devise a plan, then proceed to action, monitor the results, and adjust where necessary.

Our services

With our services we help dairy farmers, veterinarians and agri-food companies work more efficiently.

Icoontje raad

Farm advisory service

Are you considering investing in a new barn or milking robot? Cow Coach will counsel you before, during and after the installation in terms of housing, cow and calf management, software settings and work organisation. When things are not going as expected, Cow Coach can help you get back on track with a farm audit. We offer:

What can you expect:

Support in strategic decision-making

Optimization of farm efficiency and animal health

Routine follow-up or one-off interventions, as required

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Kristine van Cow Coach houdt tablet vast. Ze staat in een koeiestal.
Icoontje innovatieondersteuning

Innovation & project management

We assist organisations and companies in the development of innovative solutions for animal production, ranging from project proposals to market testing. We have the experience and network to help translate innovative ideas to practical applications. We offer: 

What can you expect:

Years of expertise in international project management 

An extensive network to help you realize your vision

The ability to foster interdisciplinary collaboration

What do other say?

We always found the meetings enriching because our farm was screened/examined from different angles (personnel, animal monitoring, communication, monitoring, etc.). It ensured that our 'farm blindness' was dealt with and encouraged us to act on those blind spots.

Geert V

Dairy Producer

Our experience with Cow Coach added value to our practice. Kristine is particularly able to work in a planned way without losing sight of the end customer. By actively listening, she acts as a sounding board for vet and farmer.

Despite her own extensive knowledge and experience, the client's process of awareness remains paramount. That makes her an excellent coach with whom it is pleasant to work together

Jeroen Vermijlen

Veterinarian, Rubovet

Kristine from Cow Coach has great experience with project management, a constructive and motivating attitude, and a strong background in veterinary medicine. This made her a welcome partner for our team and other project partners. It was pleasant working together in a context where professionalism always prevailed.

Wim Govaerts

W. Govaerts & co

Super enthusiastic person who can teach you a lot, even if you have been farming for years. Pleasant atmosphere.

Hilde H.

Hoeveproducten De Blekerij

About Cow Coach

Cow Coach was founded in 2019 by Kristine Piccart, veterinarian and former researcher, with the ambition of maximizing the full potential of technology and automation for farm

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